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A brief introduction to target shooting

Shooting is a sport that can be undertaken by most people, providing you can hold a rifle, and have reasonable eye / hand coordination. Whether you are young or old, male or female, or have a handicap that prevents you taking up most sports.

Not only are you in competition with others, you are also in competition with yourself, always reaching for that elusive maximum score of 100.

So why not contact a local club for a trial period, most of whom will have equipment for you to try out this sport.

The type of competitions are detailed below.

The links for contacting the secretaries and venues can be seen under clubs.

The league covers Plymouth and local areas around the city, and consists of the Winter shoot split into two sections, the Winter League cup before Xmas which is a postal shoot, shot on a weekly basis with clubs entering an A team for division one and B and C teams in division two. The Duchy Cup follows on in the new year, which is a handicap shoot based on the scores from the Winter League cup, and is also shot as a postal competition.

Indoor summer shooting consists of a individual postal shoot divided into divisions according to the averages obtained in the winter league, two cards shot per fortnight, sent to a divisional marker.

The disciplines that are covered include prone .22 rifle (all clubs), and various calibre air rifle and LSR (Yealmpton only).

Outdoor shooting for the Plymouth and District takes place at Budleigh Farm Range, Moretonhampstead, Devon at 50 metres and 100 yards and is now run by Yealmpton and District Rifle Club. The dates are shown on the relevant link.

Many other clubs and county associations also run outdoor competitions  for individual and team shoots with the ultimate shooting taking place during the Bisley week, both on the weekend, and for the whole week.

Each year since 2001, our Treasurer John Alexander has organised a competition in order to shoot against other Plymouth's in the world, on a postal basis. In the past this competition has been held at Bisley at the Lord Roberts centre, it is now shot at Budleigh Farm on the South Range.

All members affiliated to a club can shoot, (see photo gallery),

Many Devon shooters take part, and the competition also includes a shoot against them, so this is truly a shoulder to shoulder shoot.

The top ten shooters have a final shoot off, to determine the champion for that year. It is quite interesting just to watch as each shooter cannot start until the range officer gives permission, and they then have a set time to shoot, the process starts again after each shot, so the tension is certainly racked up.

The site shows many archived competitions from the Plymouth and District Smallbore Rifle League Team Captain's score book, something that would not be seen by most shooters, as the book is not a public one, so will give a glimpse into the history of the League.

You can also view newspaper cuttings and old photographs from a bye gone era in the archives section.

A few of the names shown are still shooting, some are no longer shooting, and others are sadly no longer with us. Enjoy your view into yesteryear.

Please feel free to ask for additions to the site, suggest ways that we can improve it, or leave a message on the guest book or message board. It is for the shooting community in and around Plymouth.

If you find errors, omissions or any thing else, please contact the .

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